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                    Past  life  regression  is  a  wonderful  healing  process  to  resolve  a  an issue relating to an individual faced by him or her which is stopping them to reach their full potential and at times the person  may be faced by issues and problems which may be limiting him or her to such an extent that they may feel as if they have been trapped into a cave with no opening .

Past life Regression is  taught by Founder of Karma Kriya Yog and International healing Foundation  Master Sumant Kaul, Mht, Plrt, Lblrt  Master ThetaHealer,President ThetaHealing India & UAE along with Master Sumeet Kant Kaul Mht, Plrt, Lblrt  who is the Chief Research officer of their Internationally acclaimed Institutes International HealingFoundation, India International Healing Institute,International Foundation  For Peace Culture and Human Resources Development along with their Internationally renowned Faculty  of more than 50 teachers and app 1000 Practitioners all over the world .

Sumant has observed in his 25 years of  PRACTICE dealing with hundred  thousands of people all over the world where he has observed that   Past  life  regression  can  often  provide  the  insight  and  answer for  true  healing.  It  is  an  especially  effective  process  for  resolving  fears and  phobias,  relationship  problems,  health  concern,  old  patterns  and compulsive emotional conditions reversed, weight lost, fears alleviated and life long 
patterns broken, through past life.

Past  life  regression  (PLR)  necessarily  entails  a  belief  in  the theory of reincarnation. The therapy work on the premise that the cause of  a  patient’s  physical  and  /or  psychological  ailments  might  result from  a  trauma  that  a  patient  had  experienced  in  an  earlier  existence,  or  at  any  rate,  by  some  sort  of  personal  ordeal  buried  deep  within  the subconscious. According to Mr Sumant  Kant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul Lead trainers of the Institute this can be an incarnation of the soul or the memory of the  morphogenic field around the DNA .

Theory of LAW OF KARMA can not and should not be left out.  The therapist may have to work on the Karmic pattern  and resolve the issue in the therapeutic intervention  for effective and optimum  result

 Practitioners  of  PLR  use  methods  ranging  from  hypnosis to  acupuncture  for  inducing  patients  to  regress  to  their  past  lives OF THEIR SOUL OR THE EXPERIENCES OF THE ENERGY FEILD OF THE DNA  and identify  the  root  of  their  present  problems.  This  is  the  first  phase 

The  next  step   is  for  the client  to project the present self onto a past personality. 

The third step is  to  come  to  terms  with  what  has  been  relived  through  regression  in this when the client is able to accept the past trauma and is ready to progress beyond that.


Past  life  regression  therapy  has  been  progressively  developed since  the  1950s  by  a  number  of  professional  psychologists  and 

psychiatrists  from  the  US,  UK,  and  Australia.  The  key  researches  and their  published  finding  are  Alexander  Cannon’s.  The  power  within 
(1950),live  Therapy(1978)  Helen  Wambach’s  Reliving  Past  lives(1978),  Roger Woolger’s Many  Masers  (1988)  and  above  all Dr Brian Weiss and Dr  Michael  Newton  of  Michael  Newton Institute of Life Between Lives and Mr. Paul Aurand, President and lead trainer  of  MNI  (JNI).  More  recently  PLR  therapy  has  been  integrated with  current  life  regression  and  is  called  Regression  Therapy.  T

Through deep relaxation and hypnotic techniques the door tomemories is opened. We are able to view as objective observers theevents  of  the past that have contributed to our  present  –  day  situation. Memories  held  in  the  subconscious  mind,  body  and  the  soul  become accessible

It is not a matter of trying to remember.As a matter of fact it seems  that  the  harder  we  try  to  remember  the  more  difficult  it  is.  It  is more therapist the memories can flow forth naturally and easily. It is important to  reserve  judgment  about  the  authenticity  of  the  events  viewed  until after  the  regression.  What  ever  action  or  verification  is  called  for,  can be  carefully  considered  after  the  session.  

          There are numerous types of regression and regression methods that can be used effectively to regress an individual to recover memories 
from  the  subconscious  mind.,  the  body  and  the  super  conscious  mind. How  one  accesses  these  memories  will  vary  greatly  depending  on  the individual being regressed and the purpose of the regression.
                    In  general  regression  therapy  can  be  divided  into  five  group’s or  categories.  

1]First  there  is  age  regression  which  includes  recovering memories  and  feelings  from  events  that  occurred  in  the  course  of  life  since  the  time  of  birth.  Inner  child  work  is  one  of  the  most  common type  of  age  regression  and  could  even  be  considered  a  field  unto  itself. 
2]Next  we  have  in-utero  regression.  In-utero  regression  takes  one  back  to that  very  special  time  in  the  womb,  after  conception  and  before  birth. In-utero  regression  is  a  link  between  subconscious  and  superconscious or  soul  memories.  Back  even  further  in  time  than  in-utero  memories are  memories  of  past  life.  Past  life  regression  explores  the  significant scenes.
3]Past Life Regression
5]The fifth type of regression is  life  between  lives  regression  or  spiritual  regression.  This  is  a  highly 
specialized field of regression that takes one back recover soul memories 
  Age Regression:
          In age regression we often take a client back to some significant time been  partly  or  totally  forgotten.  Age  regression  is  a  very  powerful  tool that
                      • Find lost objects
                      • Reconnect with good feelings
                      • Remember details from the past
                      • Forensics
                      • Heal childhood trauma
                      • Re-experience a desired feeling
                      • Reclaim one’s power
                      • Reclaim a skill or talent
                      • Release a fear or phobia
                      • Eliminate habits
                      • Source of an illness
                      • Unconscious contracts
          If you know the events or circumstances that you are wanting to go back to , you simply direct the client back to the time that when that 
things happened. For instance: “ Go back to a time when you felt really calm  and  confident”  or  “go  back  to  the  last  time  you  had  your  keys” 
or “go all the way back to the first time that you began biting your nails.”
          You can also go back to various ages chronologically. “Go back to even farther in time when that happened. “ or “ let’s go back to when you 
 Inner Child Regression:

The inner child is that younger, more play full , spontaneous, care free  parts  of  us  that  has  often  been  hurt,  forgotten  or  made  to  grow  up very  early.  Going  back  in  time  through  an  inner  child  regression  can  help  to  restore  the  natural  qualities  of  the  wonder  child  within.  This  is the practitioner is trained to take an adult or a child to relieve all hidden negative  trauma/  memories  in  the  childhood  which  the  child  does  not remember consciously but is stored in his subconscious mind and can be an impedient in his happiness and positive growth.

In-utero/Prenatal Regression:

This is a very special journey back to that  time  in  the  womb, sometime  after  conception  and  before  birth.  It  is  a  sort  of  in-between time  when  we  are  moving  form  being  a  spirit  in  the  spirit  world  into  our  body  and  preparing  to  come  into  the  world.  It  is  a  very  unique form  of  regression  that  when  done  intentionally  can  lead  to  amazing  revelation and great healing. It is during that time in the womb that you  can  explore  the  initial  earthly  experiences  and  the  patterns  that  were  set  in  the  mind,  nervous  system  and  body.  “  Is  it  a  warm  welcome?”  “  How  is  mom  felling  about  being  pregnant?”  “What  is  going  on  in  the  world  around  You?”  are  just  some  of  the  question  that  can  be  explored 

Many  describe  feelings  of  floating,  being  wrapped  in  a  blanket,  and comfortably  tight  feelings.  Some  client  describe  a  reddish  filtered  light  around them. Many feel a pulsing or report hearing a constant heart beat  and  there  are  many  issues  which  a  child  in  the  womb  had  known  and felt. Some are good which has a positive result on the child and some are negative which bring negative entries in the child. Some of the issues are as under

1. A mother not been treated properly by husband.

Normally  it  is  seen  that  most  of  the  people  have  issues  regarding sexuality and since sexuality in the open is a TABOO in the society they hide  it  all  their  life.  A  child  in  the  womb  of  her  mother  to  see/  feel  his  father having sex with the mother numerous times before he comes in the world.  Since  this  exercise  some  children  have  big  issues  for  their  own  sexuality  and  also  a  relationship  problem  with  their  father  and  mother  although they love them. We have seen then working on these issues in

  Past Life Regression:

Past life regression, a wonderful process on the healing journey!When  someone  has  tried  “everything  “  to  resolve  a  problem,  past  life  regression can often provide the insight and answers for true haling.

  Life between Lives:

“Life Between Lives” refers to our existence as souls between physical  life  times  (incarnations).  People  who  have  near-death experiences  (NDEs)  report  a  journey  to  another  level  of  existence.Frequently  they  describe  entering  a  beautiful  light  and  discovering tremendous  love  and  peace.  They  frequently  report  reviewing  the  life they just  left,  and  meeting  with  loved  ones  and  guides  other  people  being  to revisit  this  between  –  lives  state  during  past  life  regression.  They  may recall and of  us  can  benefit  from  accessing  these  experiences  

Sumant Kaul and Sumeet Kaul  teach Practice ,Research and have also presented their research papers and experiments to forums and their colleagues and students   relating to their findings in the field of  past life regression , hypnotherapy, thetahealing ,law of attraction, law of karma training in the cities of  chiba,Tokyo Yakorigaonkar ,osaka,in Japan, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold coast ,Brisbane in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Holland, Denver,colorado,Niagra falls,New York, Miami,Florida, Washington, Philipadia,Idaho falls, Los angeles,Beverly hills, St Monica,Las vegas inAmerica, Dubai,Abu Dhabi in UAE, Paris,Cannes in France, Rome,Naples,Florence, Pisa in Italy, Barcelona ,Madrid in Spain, Kaula Lumpur ,Genting island in Malaysia, Singapore, Colombo in Sri Lanka, Beirut in Lebanon, Jakarta,Bali in Indonesia, london,Birhingam, Manchester  in United Kingdom ,Scotland,Ireland , greece.Toronto in canada

In  India they are teaching directly and through their Teachers in the city of chennai,   mumbai,  pune, hyderabad, meerut,lucknow, punjab, chandigarh,gurgaon bangalore, goa, delhi and noida. They have presented papers on research that how on combining with traditional western medicine these alternative healng modalities  can help support  heal, the clients their lives emotionally,mentally and physically including some of the diseases and when combined with thetahealing  it can heal  cancer, stones in kidney,ocd,relationship issue,love, marriage issues ,Heart related issues 

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